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    SPORT 2700X Lighting System

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    2700 lumens from a bicycle light with integrated electronics and power button? They said it couldn't be done. German engineering know-how begged to differ. Meet the lighter, more compact cousin of the PRO 2800X, the MyTinySun SPORT 2700X - one of the smallest, brightest and lightest bicycle lights ever made. Find out more below...

    The MyTinySun SPORT 2700X, like its bigger cousin the PRO 2800X, utilizes three of the latest Cree XM-L U2 LEDs for a scorching output of 2700 lumens. What makes the SPORT 2700X special are its integrated electronics, which means the power / mode button is on the rear of the lamp unit, making it incredibly lightweight and compact for a device that pushes out so much light. The SPORT 2700X also comes with a finely honed 19° glass optic lens which provides a very useable and balanced beam, channelling all those lumens for up to 3 hours in high mode.

    Many cheaper and inferior competitors use integrated electronics, but their LED's are under-driven (usually outputting half of the stated lumens - see the article on this site 'The Truth About Lumens') and their brightness on max dims after only a few minutes of use. With the Sport 2700X, MyTinySun has bested the competition by a long shot, cramming 2700 lumens into a diminuative body while maintaining high brightness for long periods. Throw in the included advanced helmet mount and 5.8Ah battery pack and you have one of the most impressive dollar-for-lumen packages available on the international market.

    The SPORT 2700X kit comes complete in a kit which includes the following items:

    • SPORT 2700X LED lamp
    • 3 o-rings for various mounting applications of the SPORT 2700X LED lamp
    • Battery case with 5.8Ah / 14.4V Li-ion battery
    • Velcro strap for battery case
    • Velcro straps to secure cables and connectors
    • Rubber strips to prevent scratches on your bike frame
    • MyTinySun SPORT 2700X Australia approved battery charger
    • Advanced helmet mount
    • 70cm extension cable
    • Instruction manual


    •Revolutionary output of up to 2700 lumens from a small, versatile package.

    •Choice of colours for lock ring (coming soon)

    •New even more advanced electronics with 2 modes of operation to choose from - Simple (1 level) and Expert (6-level) for various users.

    •Extreme high quality Open Light Systems battery pack

    •Ultra-light case and mount made of high-quality CNC-machined anodised aluminium (AlZnMgCu1.5m) with laser markings

    •Purpose designed interchangeable optics for lighting up your path the way you need it

    •SOS mode and 2-level emergency modes

    •4-level battery indicator, either via RGB LED or main lamp

    •Stand-by/OFF function ensures the battery does not discharge when connect to the lamp

    •High grade wiring used in the field of robotics and industrial-grade connectors

    •Waterproof in accordance IP67

    •Kit comes complete in a functional and robust plastic case

    •New Universal holder easily mounts on various diameters and power cable can be mounted in three positions

    •24 month manufacturers warranty


    • Three Cree XM-L U2 LEDs
    • Light output up to 2700 nominal lumens
    • Purpose designed optic for homogeneous, uniform illumination: 35 mm lens and 18 degree beam angle.
    • Tempered and coated special-purpose glass.
    • High quality CNC-machined anodized aluminium case and mount (AlZnMgCu1.5) with laser markings
    • Waterproofed against moisture, spray and temporary immersion (IP67)
    • Battery type / capacity / voltage / weight / dimensions:
    4S/2P / 5.8Ah / 14.4 V / 425g / 40 x 70 x 70 mm
    • Operating time at maximum nominal output of 2700 lumens on 5.8Ah pack: 2h47m
    • Operating time at minimum nominal output of 330 lumens on 5.8Ah pack: 32h07m
    • 2 modes of operation - Simple (very easy to operate) and Expert (for professional users) (see supplementary information).
    • Battery indicator with 4 levels, either via permanent display on the RGB status LED or via the main lamp, depending on mode of operation.
    • 2-level emergency output-mode at low battery. When the battery level reaches a low state of charge, the light output is automatically switched to minimum output. When the battery's state of charge reaches a critical level, the light output is automatically switched to emergency output mode.
    • No dark phases when changing the output mode - main light dims/brightens steplessly to the next output level without dark phases.
    • Blinking SOS mode. Can only be deactivated after detaching the lamp from the battery.
    • Stand-by mode. If the main lamp is switched off, the control LED continues to glow red so that you can easily locate the switch in the dark.
    • OFF function. The battery pack can remain connected to the lamp without discharging.
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
    • Lamp dimensions: 43 (ø) x 50 (W) mm
    • Lamp weight: approx. 110g

    Li-ion charger 14.4 V:
    • Australian approved, RoHS compliant
    • Only for 14.4V Li-ion SPORT 2700X packs
    • Input voltage: 100 – 240VDC, 50-60Hz
    • Output voltage: max. 16.8VDC
    • Charging current: max. 2 A
    • Display: LED charge level indicator
    • Charging time approximately 4 hours for 5.8Ah battery pack
    • Dimensions in mm: approx. 110 x 60 x 45
    • Weight: approx. 250 g

    SPORT 2700X Lighting System


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